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Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co Pty Ltd T/as Eco Earth Sustainable Homewares

As a family with three young children, we have become more aware over the years of the impact we have on our planet as a family unit and the world we will be leaving for future generations.

But like so many people, we found ourselves so busy with day to day ‘stuff’ that there was never any time left over for really considering the environmental choices we were making.

Eco Earth Sustainable Homewares was born from a desire to make the biggest impact on our carbon footprint while having the smallest impact to our daily routine.

By finding ways to eliminate our plastic use and bringing environmentally friendly homewares into our daily routine, we have dramatically reduced our impact on the environment while also re-connecting with the beautiful solutions mother nature has to offer.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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