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The Wonders of Hemp!

Wonders of Hemp

Did you know that hemp has been used for thousands of years all over the world?

Evidence of hemp in everyday use dates back almost 10,000 years and has been found in rope, sail cloth, food medicines, paper and even clothes.

And up until recently, hemp was considered a respectable and legitimate crop. Only after people began to confuse hemp with marijuana did it fall out of fashion.

Actually, they are distinctly separate species of the cannabis plant. While marijuana has the chemicals in it that can alter your state of mind, hemp does not.

As people begin to realise that again, hemp is being re-discovered for all the amazing things it can do!

As a cultivated crop, it grows quickly. Planting to harvest can take as little as 100 days. It also requires only half of the land or water resources of a traditional cotton crop to thrive. Hemp is a very robust plant that is naturally resistant to most pests and can outcompete weeds. In most cases, this makes cultivation possible without using herbicides or pesticides.

As if that wasn’t enough, it is also one of mother natures great givers. While it grows it replenishes the soil with nitrogen and other nutrients while at the same time filtering out toxic chemicals. And to top it all off, hemp pulls enormous amounts or carbon dioxide out of our environment due to its rapid growth rate.

Oh – and did we mention that hemp is 100% biodegradable?

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